3 Steps to Building Credibility & Winning Your Client’s Trust

As a member of a software implementation team, I consider building credibility with new clients extremely important. Fortunately, clients usually have many positive interactions with people at Atomic Object before meeting with us, which tees up the relationship. Nevertheless, there’s often a noticeable skepticism from clients before implementation begins. This is understandable, as these clients […]

Using Material Design? Keep the Design & Dev Teams Communicating

In an ideal world, the development team would build a component and pattern library around the designs identified by designers’ knowledge, industry standards, and research. Often, however, we see clients leverage Google’s Material Design, Bootstrap, or the like to expedite the process. There are often hidden costs to this route, which mainly surface as communication […]

Smoothing the Design Handoff with a Component Library

If your team is like many of the teams we work with, you’ve implemented a component library, but you’re finding that things aren’t working as smoothly expected. Component libraries alone can do the job for a small, highly-skilled implementation team. But communication seems to break down when you add in less-than-top-rated developers or designers or those […]