Treat Your Personal Projects with Respect and See More Progress

Working on software separate from work is an excellent way to learn, explore passions, and follow ideas. I started my career in computing with personal projects, and I continue to build and expand my skills with my own projects. Even though these projects are fun, they include many components of an enterprise project. Two of […]

When Should You Make Reusable React Components?

When building an app, it’s nice to have reusable components. There is nothing more satisfying than throwing together a good-looking page in a day because all the components are built and ready to use. And, building reusable React components is an important skill for a developer. However, it’s important to follow some guidelines as you […]

How to Add a Loading Component in Typescript with React Hooks

When visiting a website, the client loads information from the server to display. While the server responds, most web pages display a loading spinner or similar animation. The following demonstration uses React hooks to implement a loading component that displays while the client loads the results of a function call. A useEffect React hook calls […]

Test Timers and Reduce the Wait with Cypress’ Cy.Clock

Testing timers reliably is a difficult task because time changes and must be synced between different places. In manual tests, you need to wait out long timers to make sure that they fire correctly. This is unacceptable for automated testing environments where the goal is to have the tests run quickly and regularly. To avoid […]

Testing Nested Components Reliably with Cypress

Cypress is a brilliant program for testing user interface elements. It offers flexibility for testing different types of components, and it handles changing pages fairly well. One of the quirks of Cypress shows up when working with nested components. As a page loads, some elements will load before others. This can cause problems with Cypress […]