Developing a Mobile App? Some Numbers You’ll Need to Know

Are you thinking about developing the next great mobile app? When creating your business strategy you’ll want to know: How many potential app users there are? What platform you should develop for? What apps have the greatest reach? What apps generate the most revenue? The mobile app market is evolving quickly, so the answers to […]

10 Tips for Running an Elementary School Computer Club

While I’m a software developer by trade, I’m also the mother of two school-aged kids, so one of my pastimes is volunteering in various capacities at our local public elementary school. At some point early this school year, in a moment of temporary insanity, I found myself nodding my head “Yes” when a wiser full-time-working […]

Testing C#.Net Async Code

Writing C#.Net async code can be a bit of a challenge, and writing tests around the code can frequently cause much pain and agony. In fact, conventional wisdom around the Internet seems to be that writing async tests is hard enough that it’s okay to avoid it. I disagree. Writing tests has enough benefits (most […]