Six Traits of Outstanding (& Outstandingly Successful) Clients

In over 15 years of consulting, I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients and stakeholders. While many of them were memorable for different reasons, some clients have been truly outstanding in terms of our working relationship and what we were able to accomplish together. These clients came from diverse roles, backgrounds, and […]

Planning for Unpredictable Costs During Your Project’s Grow Phase

Most custom software projects have three major phases in their lifecycle. First, there’s the Build phase. This is the initial period of time when a platform is being designed and developed, which culminates with an initial launch (typically a Minimum-Viable-Product first launch or beta release). Next comes the Grow phase: a period of time post-launch […]

Atomic’s Curriculum for Teaching Young Developers about Design

Created for recent Computer Science grads, Atomic’s Accelerator program is designed to supplement their development training and get them up-to-speed fast on higher-level consulting practices and skills. Participants in Atomic’s Accelerator Program make a commitment to study on top of their 40-hour work week, and they receive significant coaching and training in project management, team leadership, […]

Teaching and Learning with Atomic Roundtables

Recently, Atomic Object Grand Rapids created a new lunchtime practice that we call Roundtables. The concept is (intentionally) simple. Roundtables happen on the first and third Thursday of each month in our café space. We keep a sign-up sheet on the side of our refrigerator. Anybody is welcome to sign up to host on a topic of […]