Beyond Coding Bootcamp, Part 1 – A Roadmap for Learning Software Development without College

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in learning software development but not interested in completing a four-year degree program to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science (CS). There are a lot of good reasons to be at the intersection of “want to be a developer” and “not want to get a degree.” So […]

A Moral Justification for Diversity In Tech – Why “Good for Business” Isn’t Good Enough

This past weekend, a memo by a Google employee criticizing the company’s diversity goals and practices was leaked to the media. The memo presents sexist and thoroughly debunked views about women, and the ensuing conversation about diversity has been both heated and informative. I have found, however, that there’s something mostly missing from this conversation: a […]

Five Things to Think About When Considering TypeScript

I can’t imagine working on another JavaScript project without TypeScript, and I haven’t heard much talk of teams adopting TypeScript and regretting it. (For every hour you spend on TypeScript overhead, you probably save five hours of tracking down runtime errors.) Nevertheless, I do think there are some conditions that could make TypeScript less valuable […]