(Clojure) Spec-ing Data from JSON

I’ve returned to Clojure after some time using other tools, so I’m late to the party regarding learning and experimenting with Spec. The first order of business was to build some specs for data I’m receiving from an external system in JSON format. Given that it was my first real experience with Spec, and I […]

Control Flow in Ruby Blocks

I recently found myself needing to return early from a block passed into a method in Ruby. Although the way to do this is fairly simple and obvious in hindsight, it seemed to surprise some of my Ruby-enthusiast colleagues. I decided to write this post in the hopes that it’s interesting to others.

Reflecting on Single-Page Applications

Although I was an early adopter of client-side web applications, it’s hard to fully divorce yourself from all the tradeoffs that go into a system you’ve built when analyzing a single aspect. Recently, I’ve been noticing that some of the websites and services that I rely on in my day-to-day life have been rewritten into […]

Why I Ditched Spotlight for Spreadsheets

Besides its intended focus of searching your entire computer, did you know that macOS’s Spotlight search makes it really easy to perform simple arithmetic? Over time, this has actually become one of my favorite things about Spotlight. It’s a hugely convenient handicap for my dyscalculia, always ready and only two keystrokes away. Despite this, if […]