Keeping a Development Journal

Life gets crazy, and things slip our minds. A great discovery, a bug, or a general direction we were taking our code can get lost between development sessions. In my personal projects, where time between development sessions can be days or weeks, I have been keeping a development journal. As much as it takes an […]

Google Analytics for Single-Page Web Apps with Ember

Single-page web apps are awesome — they have so much flexibility and power. Unfortunately, when users browse a single-page web app, Google Analytics doesn’t work as intended when changing “pages”. Under the hood of these engines lies DOM manipulation to change what is displayed on screen, but Google Analytics watches for page changes. Fortunately, Ember […]

Extending Google Sheets: Uptime Monitor

Google Docs (and the recently-improved Google Sheets) are powerful tools. In the last few years, there have been some awesome additions to these products, one of which is Google Apps Scripting. With the apps scripting tools, you can write your own menus and background tasks for Google Drive, plus general scripts for the Google Apps […]

Developing on the Bleeding Edge

Developing with bleeding-edge technologies is tempting, but is it worth it? Using the latest languages and frameworks is a scary and exhilarating place to be. Changes happen quickly, new patterns emerge and evolve in a handful of hours. Of course, avoiding the bleeding edge is also scary, if you think about it; who wants to […]

Constant Personal Optimization

Software development keeps me constantly on my toes. I am always learning and growing my knowledge about languages, techniques, and extensions. Sometimes it can be downright exhausting. Google, Stack Overflow, Wikipedia, Forums, and blogs are always on my reading list. Seeing that I can keep up with the ever changing technology environment, I started applying […]