Getting Started with AWS Lambda in F#

I recently set out to create my first AWS Lambda function. Of the supported languages, I chose my favorite: F#. In this post, I’ll walk through the process of building a Lambda function in F# and deploying it to AWS. AWS Alphabet Soup Many of Amazon’s web services have famously inscrutable names. After fumbling my […]

Creating Azure WebJobs in F#

My colleague Brian recently wrote about Azure Functions in F#. Azure Functions are great, and I definitely recommend them if they fit your use case. These functions are built on top of an older background processing system called WebJobs. While Functions have largely eclipsed WebJobs, there remain certain [situations][webjobs-vs-functions] where the latter is still a […]

Folding Away Mutations in F#

I’ve been working in F# lately, and one of its smaller features has had a big impact on my programming style: Variables are immutable by default. If you want to change something, you have to declare it mutable. Sometimes, this is what I naturally reach for, and the language rubs my nose in it. Here’s […]

Review: Kinesis Freestyle Edge Keyboard

I’ve been a happy user of wasd mechanical keyboards at home and work for years, but lately I’ve grown interested in improved ergonomics. Some of my colleagues use various generations of Microsoft ergo boards, but I wanted the flexibility of a split board and didn’t want to give up mechanical switches. When I learned of […]

.NET Core, OSX, libcurl, and OpenSSL

.NET Core makes it convenient to develop and test C# code across platforms. On my current project, this means we can do much of our work on Macs without ever firing up a Windows VM. Even the best abstraction layers occasionally leak, though. Here’s a story of an OSX-specific issue we encountered, what we learned, […]