3 Ways to Get Away from Your Computer When Working Remotely

In these days of remote work, we’re all feeling “screen fatigue.” Every one of our meetings and face-to-face interactions is done in front of a computer. Eventually, the screen fatigue blends seamlessly with the normal work fatigue, and by the end of the day, we’re left with sore eyes and little energy for the things […]

3 Easy Ways to Explain Your Code to Future Developers

At Atomic Object, we work in a lot of existing codebases, editing code written by previous consultants, employees of the client organization, and sometimes even other Atomic developers. The older the codebase, the more inconsistency you’ll find in pattern, style, and organization. This, of course, makes jumping in to do additional work more difficult. I […]

My Top Five Emoji for Doing Business

At my workplace, we use Slack (an instant messaging platform) to communicate. That really means we use emoji to communicate. Email is still kept more formal, but instant messages are for communicating casual, quick thoughts without much effort. Emoji can be more expressive than typical short responses like, “Okay,” “Thanks,” or “I’m in.” And as […]