3 Tips for Dealing with Technical Debt

Technical debt occurs when we knowingly or unknowingly make a decision that will require parts of our system to be reworked later. Maybe we write some messy code in the interest of rapid prototyping and iteration, or maybe we avoid updating a library because it introduces changes that will require a lot of refactoring. We […]

An Introduction to Property-Based Testing with JavaScript

Property-based testing is a powerful technique that’s been widely and successfully applied to functional-style codebases for a long time. As functional programming continues to get more and more popular among JavaScript developers, the value of this style of testing is becoming more obvious to a wider audience.

A Simpler Case for Functional Programming & “Elegant” Code

A lot has been written about the benefits of functional programming, but little of it is accessible to a newcomer. Some of the benefits are easy to understand from an inexperienced perspective (e.g. “it makes concurrency easier”), but others are pretty nebulous. Chief amongst the inscrutable properties of functional programming is its “elegance.” It isn’t […]