Providing Guidance as a Seasoned Maker

As you get further into your career, it can be challenging to find your place in an environment that is full of enthusiastic new makers. And yet, the experience and wisdom you have gained is invaluable. I want to remind you of ways you can leverage your experience to help your team grow and mature.

Surviving a Solo Gig

While team projects can be challenging due to the need to coordinate and organize efforts, solo work is frequently even more stressful–especially when you’re working on a short timeline. Here are some tips to help you crush a solo gig so you can make your customer happy and cross it off your list.

Early Inspiration at Science Olympiad 2017

I recently had the pleasure of stepping in as a coach to help my daughter’s team take part in the 2017 Science Olympiad. It was our first time participating, but likely, not the last. It was great to see junior high kids have so much passion for science and have such a great time participating.