VS Code for Embedded Development

Embedded development has always lagged behind the trends that drive the rest of software development. In some ways, that’s a good thing. There are fewer half-baked third-party libraries to integrate with, for instance. However, there are also some good things left behind that could really benefit embedded developers.

Taming Your Java Environment

You may not be concerned with what version of Java or Node you are using to run your JavaScript on a regular basis. However, setting up a CI build that can run successfully and repeatedly over the years is a pretty crucial endeavor. Here are a few pointers to set up Java and Node properly […]

Surviving an Infrastructure Upgrade

In any moderately complex application, there comes a time for major upgrades. These upgrades are often deprioritized until some business case knocks on your door to make the update more urgent, which can raise insanity levels and make jumping this hurdle seem insurmountable. After having gone through this process several times on various projects, I […]