Want to Be a Better Manager? Read Lara Hogan

Author and management coach Lara Hogan provides the best set of resources for new and existing people managers I’ve seen in the past two decades. Hogan provides a path to help managers lead with empathy and work inclusively. She helps managers become more effective with straightforward tools and concepts for managing people.

If you have aspirations to formally lead a team someday, or if you currently manage people, you should dive into the following resources.

Free Tools

These tools are a great example of the kind of immediately-useful content you’ll find from Lara. Anyone who currently manages people will likely find a handful of these tools to be valuable.

If you take nothing else away from this post, just follow this link and scroll through the tools. I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll spark an idea to bring to your interactions with your team members or even your manager.

Lara’s Book, Resilient Management

Everything you need to know to get started managing people or be a team leader is in this book. I’m a firm believer that an effective manager provides an exciting, fair, and safe environment for team members to learn and grow. To do that, you need to acknowledge a new set of ways you can interact with folks on your team. It’s important to go beyond just being a good collaborator and team member.

This book walks you through all of the most important aspects of that responsibility and shift. Further, it will help you look at yourself through new lenses that’ll help you grow into the best version of the leader in you.

Training or Coaching

In the software industry, I’ve run across countless management resources, videos, talks, books, and training courses. However, I’ve never seen anything as straightforward, earnest, and helpful as what I have seen from Lara Hogan. Though I haven’t attended any of her training, I feel confident recommending her team at Wherewithall. Check them out if you’re interested in a more guided and directed learning experience.

Learning to Manage People from Lara Hogan

It’s rare to find a person with so much experience doing excellent work who decides they are going to focus primarily on sharing and teaching what they learned. Now is the best time to learn from people like Lara.