A Model for Leaders of Leaders

Atomic Object is an organization full of wicked-smart innovators. It’s a wonderful group of people, and I feel privileged to be a part of it. But in an organization like AO where we are all leaders, authors, and presenters of one sort or another, how does one lead?

When I look at Mike, Shawn, Darrell, Mary, and Carl, I’m so impressed with the way they collectively captain this ship. It’s no easy task. Sometimes, I think it’s akin to trying to herd a group of cats. We are all smart, independent and have our own goals. Our tendency is to scatter. How do these folks manage to keep us together and moving in any direction at all? Here’s what I’ve discovered through my own observations of leadership at Atomic.
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Clueless Leadership

Carl has written about the good, the bad and the ugly of transparency, but he has always stood by his conviction that a culture of openness is essential to sustainable business success.

I believe in transparency as a philosophical basis from which to run a company. The resulting trust, loyalty, buy-in and contributions of your employees more than make up for the downsides. But there are indeed some downsides.

I regularly read Mark Henson’s newsletter. Some of his articles resonate more than others, but I’ve come to appreciate the clarity and truth shared in all of his writing, regardless of topic. Mark’s recent post lays out a perhaps counter-intuitive, yet spot-on perspective on the challenges of leadership and growth. He argues for transparency:
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