Midwest UX 2019: Reframing Reality

This fall, I had the opportunity to attend and speak at Midwest UX. The conference was well organized, offered a great experience as both an attendee and speaker, and showcased the city (and home of our AO HQ) of Grand Rapids!

While talks from the event are still being uploaded, many can already be viewed at Midwest UX’s Vimeo. I wish I could point you to a favorite, but every single talk I saw was engaging and pushed us to think empathetically as designers. This year’s theme explored “Reframing Reality,” giving us the opportunity to think about things from other people’s perspectives.

At the conference, I spoke about Marie Kondo and her framework. This is a topic I also explored in another Spin post a few months ago, or you can just watch the 20-minute talk below.

I want to shout out to the great organizers of the event who made it all happen, including designers at Atomic Object’s Grand Rapids office.