Microaggressions: How to Fight Them in Your Workplace

This post is part four of a four-part collaboration between authors Marjie and Bella. In our previous posts, we reviewed microaggressions in the workplace and why it’s difficult for the recipients of microaggressions to fight them on their own. We also explored how to identify when you are the perpetrator of microaggressions. In this post, […]

Bringing Modern Design Practices to Legacy Technology

Almost all of the work we do at Atomic is forward-facing. We design cutting-edge mobile applications, rethink software that defines businesses, and develop code that automates the way our cars, batteries, and trucks manage themselves. Occasionally, we have to make software for legacy hardware. I recently finished designing for an embedded touch screen the size […]

Making Atomic Proud

This June, I was happy to take part in Atomic Object’s new initiative, supporting Pride Month. While Atomic prides itself (no pun intended) on its diversity within the company, this year, leadership chose to provide LGTBQIA+ and ally Atoms with additional opportunities to celebrate the diversity within our company and out in our communities.