Mou for Markdown in OS X

I have a treat for you Github users out there. If you don’t have the Github flavor of markdown memorized, or if you don’t want to write large wiki pages in Github’s browser interface, then the markdown editor Mou may be for you.

I recently started to update a and build a tutorial for Gamebox, but all too often, I would screw up the markdown syntax. I wanted an offline client-side app to do real-time markdown rendering. I thought about setting up a node.js server with markdown support and a browser with live reloading, but Google proved to be a much better use of my time.

That’s where Mou comes in. Mou is a free simple markdown editor for OS X. It does a side-by-side real-time render with customizable CSS themes. It even ships with Github flavor, perfect for those files and wiki pages. Enjoy.