Atomic Welcomes Two Developers

Earlier this year, Atomic gained two developers — one in Grand Rapids and one in Ann Arbor. I asked each of them to share a little bit about themselves and their favorite things about Atomic so far.

Anjali Munasinghe

Anjali MunasingheAnjali is no stranger to Atomic; she spent the summer of 2019 working as an intern in our Grand Rapids office. During her internship, Anjali jumped into a project with the Cultural Intelligence Center, aiming to enhance its online assessment portal. After her internship ended, she returned to Michigan State to finish her B.A. in Computer Science.

Since becoming a full-time Atom in January, Anjali has crushed projects for both Fremont Insurance and Eaton Corporation, bringing fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Learn more by reading Anjali’s bio.

I have been surprised by how much my suggestions and ideas are valued by my team. Ideally, this should be a standard across all teams at all companies, but I’ve realized this makes Atomic unique. The overwhelming kindness of everyone has meant that my suggestions have been warmly received and followed through on.

Jing Fan

Jing Fan

After working for an Ann Arbor-based startup then taking five years off to start her family, Jing returned to software development earlier this year. She joined Atomic and quickly dove into a project with Eaton Vehicle Group.

Jing has a wealth of knowledge beyond development, which started while she was studying Computer Science, International Studies, and Economics at the University of California, San Diego. Not only has she been a wonderful developer, but Jing has embodied the lively spirit of being an Atom. Learn more by reading Jing’s bio.

I am pleasantly surprised by the openness of everyone at Atomic. There’s so much trust within the company, and it is evident in interactions ranging from disclosing finances to conversations about gender.

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