Better Ideas & Better Team Fit with Pre-Project Consulting


Pre-project consulting. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it. Well… it is. But your project is worth the time investment, and Atomic is willing to pick up the consulting tab.

Getting to Know You & Your Project

When discussing your project with Atomic, you’ll meet with members of our Upfront Team — technical professionals with years of real project experience.

We’ll kick off pre-project consulting with a conversation that’s geared towards getting to know each other. We want to understand what your company does, your role in the organization, and the challenges you are facing. We also want you to be comfortable with Atomic and the our way of doing things.

We’ll then dig into the specific project challenges you’re facing. We’ll focus the conversation on the challenges that your end users are facing and ultimately the value they receive from the solution.

Enhancing Your Idea & Determining Fit

Then we’ll give you critical feedback on the product you’re planning. Being a technical company, it’s obvious that we understand technology and what’s happening in the tech world. But because we work on many different projects and consult with various companies, we also understand the business side of tech. We know what business models people are trying, what works, what doesn’t, and how to enhance good ideas by simplifying or extending to create even more value. We won’t be shy about sharing our thoughts.

With that knowledge, we’ll help you consider if what you need can be accomplished with existing software — or without any software at all. If software is what you need, we’ll help you understand both what your technical needs are, and what Atomic’s capabilities are. It’s possible that the software you need doesn’t require our level of skill, or that it requires specialization Atomic doesn’t offer. If we aren’t the right fit, we’ll educate you on what you need.

This is why, at Atomic, we feel that the best upfront sales work is done — not by generic salespeople — but by experienced practitioners that understand your technical and design concerns. Our Upfront Team has real project experience, and is the ideal group to help mold and shape your project vision into a reality. We know what’s possible, what’s difficult, and what trade-offs exist.

Working with our Upfront Team also gives you an opportunity to experience what it’s like to work with the types of people that will ultimately be designing and building your product.

Moving Forward

If together we decide that our teams are a good fit, we’ll leverage our experience and expertise to put together a thoughtful project plan and responsible functionality breakdown and estimate. Before presenting a formal proposal to help you design and build your software product, we’ll collaboratively review our project analysis, answer any questions that you may have and challenge the richness or need for functionality that could potentially be deferred or modified so that you have options to reduce initial cost or time to market.

After we agree on the approach, we’ll present a formal proposal that outlines our prior analysis and plan. The proposal will create project alignment and be the building block for a successful project start.

Got a product idea and need some consulting? Contact us today.

  • Jay Stansell says:

    Thanks Michael, completely agree, and coming from an agency background myself, I know how easily this pre-project phase is overlooked or not completed to a common standard for each project.

    I cam across this article as I’m actually working on a pre-project SaaS solution to try and simiplfy, standardise and collaborate to improve my own pre-project experiences.

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