What Do Programming and Crocheting Have in Common? These 3 Things.

I started learning to crochet around the same time I began studying computer programming over three years ago. They are both uniquely challenging, but over the years I have noticed some interesting parallels between the two. Coding sometimes feels like untangling a ball of yarn. The attention to detail, the minor mistakes, and backtracking could almost mirror debugging and detail-oriented coding. I will focus on how they overlap in three main ways.

Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice involves purposefully challenging yourself to either learn new concepts or focus on improving your abilities. In crochet, this could mean trying to master a new stitch or improving your technique so you can create stitches faster. In programming, this might translate to familiarizing yourself with a new framework or language. Deliberately focusing on our weaknesses can be mentally taxing in the moment, but long-term, it provides benefits by improving efficiency and understanding.


Another commonality is the need for problem-solving. When crocheting, you may encounter issues like dropped stitches or pattern mistakes that need to be fixed creatively. Likewise, in programming, you often encounter bugs or logic errors that require debugging. In an IDE we can use breakpoints and console logs to pinpoint code errors, similarly in crochet you can use a stitch marker to mark rows of stitches where you need to change colors. Much like code documentation, crochet patterns give you instructions to complete a project.

Creative Solutions

I have learned that when programming there usually isn’t one “correct” way to solve a problem. Depending on your background and experience, you may approach the situation differently. Having worked on many different projects, I have faced new problems and needed to come up with a solution that struck a balance between efficiency and timeliness. Likewise, when crocheting, if you are following a pattern that uses a different size yarn than what is available to you at home, you can adjust the pattern to work with what you have.

While these ideas are not unique to either craft, I noticed these similarities when working on both crochet and programming projects. Through the lens of these shared experiences, I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for both programming and crocheting. If you are a programmer interested in crafting, I suggest giving crocheting a try!


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