Why I Stay at Atomic – It’s Not Just About the Code

I graduated from Atomic’s accelerator program the other day, and someone nudged me with a playful question, “Now that you’re done with the accelerator, are you planning to ship off those turbo-charged skills elsewhere?” We shared a good-natured laugh about it because, let’s face it, the freedom to explore new horizons has always been there, yet I’m not drawn to wander.

Staying put in a company for a significant duration seems almost archaic in today’s whirlwind professional environment. It’s like favoring your well-worn sneakers in a world obsessed with the latest footwear trends. But here’s the thing — I’ve chosen to lace up with Atomic and I’m sticking to it. Let me share why I’ve decided this is my perfect fit.


In a field known for volatility and short-lived unicorns, Atomic offers a refreshingly steady presence. This isn’t about kowtowing to the powers that be. It’s about acknowledging the sound choices that allow us to do our job without worrying about the rug being pulled out from under us.

Our financial leadership believes in running a tight ship rather than throwing money around like confetti. The result? Long-term viability over short-term bragging rights.

Then there’s our triumvirate of hustlers, composed of sales hotshots, hands-on makers, and big-picture strategists. The sales folks aren’t just clinching deals. They’re weaving relationships and aligning opportunities with our prowess. The makers — developers, designers, and Delivery Leads — transform challenges into solutions, ensuring our work pipeline remains dynamic. Lastly, our strategic visionaries keep Atomic’s bearings steady, anchoring us amidst the ever-fluctuating tech waves. Together, they keep the Atomic machine running with reliability that would make a Swiss watchmaker envious.

Atomic also has a solid track record. We’re not resting on the laurels of past successes. Instead, we keep delivering, project after project. This consistency is comforting in an industry often marked by the ebb and flow of fortunes.

Lastly, let’s talk about our diverse clientele. Our projects span an array of industries. That means we’re not left scrambling if a particular sector takes a nosedive. It also ensures we’re constantly evolving, learning, and preventing the cobwebs from setting in.

It’s not about singing praises or brown-nosing but rather about the reassurance it offers. It’s a major reason I continue to clock in at Atomic each day, confident of the ground I’m standing on.

Support Network

If you’re picturing a team of nodding heads who occasionally pat your back over an uncooperative code, you’re off the mark. When I talk about support, I mean real friendships. The kind that continues to thrive even if someone moves to another city or switches to a remote setup.

I’ve faced challenging personal episodes — from the loss of a pet to the rollercoaster ride of buying a house. Through every uphill battle, the people have been my anchor. They offer consoling words during rough days and morphed into an all-knowing counsel of home inspectors, mortgage advisors, and lawn-care pros when I embarked on my homeowner journey. It’s a varied set of people who are always willing to lend a hand.

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working hours at Atomic aren’t a mythical creature we whisper about in hushed tones. Our hourly billing offers us a work-life balance that doesn’t tip the scales disastrously in either direction.

Yes, we have core hours from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., but if you’ve got your discipline hat on, you can tailor your day to your needs. The early bird approach coupled with a late exit works best for me, especially when welcoming the weekend a tad earlier on Fridays.

Pay and Compensation

Everyone appreciates a good vacation, and if you’re savvy with your scheduling (thank you, flexible hours), you can enjoy some quality time off.

And, let’s not skirt around the topic — pay is pivotal. At Atomic, I’ve found that the compensation is fair and aligned with regional standards. There’s transparency about growth opportunities and career progression. For those seeking deeper insights, a trove of articles by fellow Atoms delve into these topics.

Final Thoughts

So, there they are, the real, non-sugar-coated reasons I choose to stay at Atomic. It’s about stability, reliable friendships, flexibility, and fairness. Whether you’re toying with the idea of joining the Atomic crew or just evaluating the current state of your professional voyage, these aspects could provide some food for thought. They certainly add flavor to my day-to-day life at Atomic, and who knows, they might do the same for you!


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