Acceptance Testing C++ with Cucumber and the Wire Protocol

Acceptance Test Driven Development has become a popular practice for establishing and validating what done means for a feature. Cucumber has gained much popularity in validating Ruby code, especially for Ruby on Rails web applications. The Wire Protocol was added to Cucumber to support testing different languages by implementing a simple Wire Server in the […]

Highlight Strings in Cucumber Features with Vim

I am currently working on a project that is using Cucumber for its system/integration testing, and I am using MacVim as my primary editor. MacVim comes with Tim Pope’s excellent vim-cucumber plugin pre-installed, so you get syntax highlighting of .feature files right out of the box. After having used TextMate to edit Cucumber features in […]

Subdirectories in Cucumber Features

At some point having all of your features in a single directory maybe become an issue. Cucumber allows you to add feature subdirectories for organization. Subdirectories work as expected when running the entire cucumber suite. However, when executing a single feature located in a subdirectory cucumber doesn’t load the web_steps.rb or other support files in […]