Three Levels of Software Project Closeout Documentation

I find that authoring documentation is best done at the end of a project. Writing it too early means it needs to be re-written as things change. Unfortunately, life happens. On many projects, almost no time is available for documentation at the project’s end. This may seem irresponsible, but it’s the tradeoff teams and clients […]

Four Tips for Dealing with Poorly Documented Libraries

Every developer has had to deal with the struggle of sifting through documentation that is incomplete, incoherent, outdated, or simply non-existent. Whether it’s libraries, frameworks, or platforms, the presence of good documentation can mean the difference between success and failure. The absence of good documentation is a serious enough downside to justify avoiding a certain […]

Framework Docs Are a First-Class Citizen

Documentation is a crucial part of any good API or framework. Despite this importance, it often gets neglected and treated as an afterthought. I recently asked another developer how he always managed to put together such well-thought-out and complete documentation. His response was: “Documentation Driven Design (DDD): if your API feels clunky to document, it’s […]