Avoid Careless Production Mistakes with Custom Scripts

In the wise words of @stahnma, “Everybody has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough to have a totally separate environment to run production in.” Thankfully, the project I’m working on has multiple environments: production (the most recently-released version), staging (for pre-release testing), dev (for dev team use and testing), and multiple review apps […]

Cool and Easy HTML with Emmet

Amaze your friends and write HTML faster with this one cool trick! But seriously, native HTML is repetitive and annoying to write. Emmet provides an intuitive and sleek alternative. It’s widely supported, and its simplest features can be adopted no problem on day one of using it. Plus — it feels great to use, and […]

Automated Tests for HTML5 Offline Web Applications with Capybara and Selenium

Testing web applications that make use of the new HTML5 features can be frustrating. With a bit of work, we can use Capybara to test them through the browser relatively easily. I recently started an offline web application built on Zend and Sammy.js. When I tried to add system tests using Capybara, the default drivers […]

Researching HTML5 Offline

I spent much of the last week prototyping and researching offline web application technologies. I am going to share some of my notes and a few useful links the team came across in the process. A Ruby on Rails web application we developed needs its main feature to work when there is no internet available. […]