4 Tips for Designing Wireframes from Desktop Down to Mobile

“Mobile first” seems to have turned into a buzzword lately. How dare anyone design a web experience any other way? It’s certainly a good framework to follow—one that can be applied to most designs these days. But on a recent project, the client wasn’t so concerned about the site’s mobile presence. The desktop was priority, […]

3 Mobile First Frameworks to Watch

It has been at least 3 years since I’ve started a Web project where mobile wasn’t a primary constraint. Although there are plenty of great DOM frameworks that support responsive design, I’ve been looking forward to using a framework that has a distinctively mobile first point of view. Mobile First Frameworks Here are 3 mobile […]

Optimizing for Mobile Devices with Varnish Cache

Recently, I wrote about using Varnish Cache to speed up websites. However, not all websites appear identically on all devices. For example, many web applications will deliver different content to mobile devices such as phones, tablets, screen-readers, etc. What happens when Varnish receives a request for a resource from one of these devices? Without additional […]