Hacking EVE, Part 1 – Reading SDD Data

While the process of writing software remains a challenging, sometimes frustrating endeavor, I was reminded recently how simple some tasks have become. The data available on the internet (along with the tools we have to manipulate that data) make answering some difficult questions a rather enjoyable undertaking. Today’s post is the first part in a […]

Using the RSpec Around Hooks

A couple of weeks back, I was working on some RSpec tests that required a different setup and tear-down than other tests in the app. We had database cleaner providing cleanup for us to prevent test interaction, but certain tests we created needed a heavier cleanup than others. We had a simple before(:each) and after(:each) […]

These Intermittent Test Failures Will Not Stand, Man

I recently spent some time cleaning up a large test suite that had fallen into a bit of disrepair. The project was a Ruby on Rails web application being tested with RSpec and Cucumber. The biggest problem was that various tests would fail intermittently. Some tests would pass consistently when run by themselves, but would […]

RSpec Backtrace Filtering

Recently I ran into some trouble with the way I was trying to use the Mongoid gem. Some error was happening, but I wasn’t getting good output on the screen. Eventually I realized that RSpec (version 2) was filtering out parts of my backtrace. Here’s the default configuration for RSpec’s backtrace filtering: RSpec.configure do |config| […]