Unit Testing with ReactiveCocoa and RubyMotion

Karlin Fox and I have been using RubyMotion and ReactiveCocoa to build an iPad application for our current project. We’ve enjoyed the different paradigm and the way we’re able to stream data through our application. Adapting TouchDB live queries to ReactiveCocoa signals has been particularly rewarding. But what about unit testing our iOS app? Unit […]

Optimizing for Mobile Devices with Varnish Cache

Recently, I wrote about using Varnish Cache to speed up websites. However, not all websites appear identically on all devices. For example, many web applications will deliver different content to mobile devices such as phones, tablets, screen-readers, etc. What happens when Varnish receives a request for a resource from one of these devices? Without additional […]

Presenting Over AirPlay

We’ve been giving internal presentations at Atomic Object more frequently lately, and I recently spoke about data visualization for my coworkers over lunch. As an experiment, I decided to try running my presentation from my iPad and an Apple TV. It worked out well, and I learned some things along the way that I’d like […]

Fitts’s Law and Why it Matters for Tablets

I’ve recently started working in iOS again. Making wireframes and context scenarios for an iPad app had me thinking about the opportunities and challenges in tablet interface design, and how they compare to traditional interfaces. I was asking, “what principles still apply?” There’s some great stuff in the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. One Apple recommendation […]