Diversity for Diversity’s Sake? – 9 Reasons We Want to Be Gender Diverse

We’ve been working for several years to improve the gender balance at Atomic Object, largely because we held “diversity is good” to be self-evident. But the last six to nine months, as we’ve been changing out benefits and practices in pursuit of this goal, I’ve been thinking about why diversity is good.

Jeanette Head on Empathy, Being Ignored, and the Do-it-Yourself Future of Development

This is the third in a series of interviews with Atomic makers. Meet Jeanette Head: snowboarder, Girl Develop It teacher, and software developer at Atomic Object. I recently sat down with Jeanette to learn what drew her to development, the special challenges she faces, and why she loves to teach people to code.

How to Fight Unconscious Bias & Become a Better Ally

Are you supportive of underrepresented groups (like women and minorities) in technology? Yes (I hope). But, ask yourself this: Do you support individual members of underrepresented groups in technology? Maybe not. It’s important to recognize that being supportive is different than showing support. One reason why is Unconscious Bias.

Women and the Software Industry: The Truth about Stereotypes, Retention, and the Gender Gap

The Gender Gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields and in Silicon Valley is a hot topic right now. We hear the same questions over and over, from many different directions: What are the causes of this phenomenon? What are the solutions? Is it even something we ought to be concerned about? (I won’t […]