Essential Tools for New Developers

You’re a new developer and you’ve got your first new job! The hard work you’ve done to get there is finally paying off. The amount of new information you’ll be learning in the first few weeks can be overwhelming. Having the right developer tools can make a huge difference.

Source Control GUI

If you’re using Git as a new developer, chances are you’re not a master of Git… yet! Git Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) can help with more complex version control commands that you may not know yet. If you’re not using custom scripts for Git, it might be faster to use a visual aid for version controlling. It can also be useful by providing better visualization of changes to your code. Some popular options include SourceTree, and Gitup.

A Good Note-Taking App

You will likely hit the ground running learning a new tech stack for your new project. It’s important to flesh out your questions, jot notes, and keep track of onboarding To-Dos. Even if you think you don’t need it, try writing things down using a clean note-taking app. Some great ones I use for meetings are Bear and Notion.

An API Platform

Application Programming Interface (API) platforms are GUIs for developing and testing APIs. You can set environments, variables, and pre- and postscript. You can also generate code for different languages. API platforms also allow team collaborations so that developers can streamline their API development. Postman is the most well-known platform. The free version is great for personal use and enough for a small team. Insomnia is a great alternative. It allows for multi-protocol ability. Test them out, or try others, but don’t go without one.

A Bluelight Blocking Solution

Don’t underestimate the side effects of working a desk job starting at a computer screen. Blue light can cause eye strain and mess up your circadian rhythms. Both Windows and Mac have built-in options for setting schedules for light and color. They set warm colors closer to the evening to ensure computer use doesn’t mess with your sleepiness. If you’re looking for more control and customizations, f.lux is a great option. You can temporarily disable light settings and even set alternate color effects for your screen. Sleep is important for healthy brain function. Protect your most valuable asset!

Essential Developer Tools & Apps

As developers, we need all the help we can get. Offloading some of our workload to other applications is important to keep a productive pace and great mental health. Focus on the stuff that matters: development.