Craft Agile Magic with the Retrospective of Rejuvenation

Kaitlin Diemer

Agile retrospectives are pivotal, but, as with any meeting, they often risk becoming mundane. Enter the Retrospective of Rejuvenation, the first in a series of magical agile templates created in Miro. Miro is a popular visual workspace where teams can facilitate remote collaboration, whiteboard, manage projects, design, and build together.

In this retrospective, we’ll mix ingredients of reflection to distill the essence of our last sprint. Then, we’ll identify elixirs and tinctures (potential improvements) to make our next sprint even more magical!


About the Exercise

A retrospective is a regular meeting where teams reflect on their recent work processes to identify what went well and what could be improved. The Retrospective of Rejuvenation reimagines this agile practice, infusing it with a touch of magic and a whimsical twist.


This exercise is designed to uplift and motivate, transforming the routine retrospective into an opportunity for team bonding, positive reflection, and creative problem-solving.

Ideal For

It’s perfect for teams just beginning their journey with agile retrospectives or those looking to break the monotony of their usual sessions.

How to Use It

Set aside 30 minutes and follow along in the board!

  1. Preparation – Give your team a tour of the board. The bubbling cauldron represents the past sprint, with each column reflecting sprint experiences or “ingredients”. The recipe card represents actions the team will carry into the next sprint.
  2. Brewing the Potion – Begin the ritual by having each team member contemplate and reflect on the past sprint using the provided prompts. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes. Add ingredients (sticky notes) to the corresponding ingredient column!
  3. Stirring the Cauldron – Once all ingredients are in the cauldron, take turns discussing each one. Stir the conversation to understand the essence of each ingredient added to the potion.
  4. Casting the Votes – Show the team how to use dot potion stickers to vote on the most crucial ingredients from the past sprint. Cast votes by placing a dot potion on the corresponding sticky notes.
  5. Revising the Recipe – Move the top-voted items to the Successful Sprint Recipe Card. As a group, brainstorm action items to address them in the upcoming sprint. Ensure everyone understands the recipe for improvement.
  6. Sealing The Spell – Conclude the retrospective by having everyone verbally commit to the action items on the Recipe Card. Capture a picture of the Cauldron and Recipe Card for the team’s grimoire (records) to reference in the next sprint.
  7. Closing The Ritual – Recognize and celebrate your teammates’ exceptional contributions by awarding them with unique merits for their special achievements. Let’s bring magic to our team’s accomplishments!

With the potion now complete and the recipe set for the next sprint, the team is ready to embark on a renewed quest filled with the enchantments of efficiency and collaboration.


Ready to cast a spell on your team’s routine?

Get the Retrospective of Rejuvenation on Miroverse and embark on a journey to more engaging agile rituals. Agile is more than a methodology – it’s a celebration of collaborative magic. Stay tuned for more in our series of magical agile tools!


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