How to Build Consensus When Your Team Disagrees on Something Crucial

Every project comes with its fair share of decisions — some trivial, some critical. And each team member brings varying levels of seniority, skill, and risk tolerance. Disagreement is an inevitable and healthy part of any high-performing team. But what happens when you come to an impasse on a crucial component, such as system architecture? […]

Just Phoning it In? 4 Ways to Keep Daily Remote Standup Calls Valuable

Many teams have recently faced the challenge of transitioning to remote work. Our existing Scrum ceremonies have helped make this shift easier for my project teams. Starting the day with an intentional check-in is already a habit, thanks to our daily standups. But it’s far from “business as usual.” As Zoom fatigue mounts and the […]

Long-Term Agile Planning Is Possible!

On an agile software project, we readjust plans daily. We pivot to respond to change, discovery, and feedback. Product owners and stakeholders, on the other hand, focus on longer-term planning — defining product roadmaps, release dates, and milestones. As a Delivery Lead, I have the challenge of balancing planning needs for the entire team. Fortunately, […]

How to Attend a Conference (and Make It Worth Your Time) – Part 2

Yesterday, you learned how to select a conference that aligns with your professional development goals. Hopefully, you’ll take the plunge and register for a conference soon. Here are a few ways to maximize your experience and get the most out of your investment. 1. Fully Engage For most people, work responsibilities don’t disappear when you […]