Usability Testing for Simple Websites

The reasons for and ways of accomplishing usability studies on complex web applications are well documented. They increase user satisfaction and retention, they reduce user frustration and training—in short they add business value in obvious ways. There are a lot of known ways of doing this testing, too. You can use discount methodologies, testing only […]

From Pigment to Pixels: What Art History Can Teach Us about Software Design

I recently wrote about the similarities between the practice of gesture drawing in fine art and rapid paper prototyping in software design. As a former student of art now working in software, drawing comparisons between the two is something I’m wont to do. Indeed, such comparing and contrasting is the central building block of art […]

Rapid Prototyping: A Solid Practice from Studio Art to Software

I recently read Zaki Warfel’s book Prototyping: A Practitioner’s Guide. It’s an excellent resource for anyone interested in the vital role prototyping plays in the software design process. I was first introduced to Warfel and his book after hearing his talk at Agile 2010. Sketching, or low fidelity (lo-fi) rapid paper prototyping, is one of […]

Capturing and Sharing iOS App Usability Tests

When usability testing, it is often desirable to record the screen of an application to either share it with a remote group of stakeholders or capture it for further review. With screen recording software and built-in webcams, testing websites on a computer is relatively simple. But testing applications and websites on mobile, and particularly iOS […]

A Venture Capital Cheat Sheet

Lately I’ve found myself in many conversations about startups and sources of funding. It’s a natural part of the work we do at Atomic; we build software products for other people’s businesses, and many of the new clients who reach out to us are part of startups. Locally, the Momentum program and 5×5 night have […]

A Specimen of a Chart of Employment

When the time came to create our newest company t-shirt, one atom thought it would be cool to include some fun and/or telling statistics about our company, such as the number of bikes owned while working here (41), index cards used (11,294), and cups of popcorn popped (lots). I immediately thought of an interesting info-graphic […]