Is Presenter First Still Valuable to Modern App Architecture?

Thijs van Dien wrote to us in early 2015 with some great questions about Presenter First’s place in application architecture in the post-MVC era. His well-researched questions were a joy to respond to; while there’ve been many advances in desktop and mobile programming patterns since we first wrote about PF back in 2007, we still […]

Kanban for a 4th Grader: Task Cards of Happiness

A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation tells me I’ve scribbled on and recycled about 30,000 3×5 task cards since starting at Atomic in 2001. They’re such a pervasive tool here that we’ve got our own branded variety littering both offices. Their use varies from project to project, month-to-month, but they’ve never gone away, even though we’ve used […]

Time-Based Estimates Are for Suckers! (Size-based Is the Way to Go)

I gave a talk entitled “Time-Based Estimates Are For Suckers! Size-based is The Way to Go” at this year’s GLSEC on April 29. It’s meant as a call to action for those who haven’t made the leap to size-based estimation, or who have been beaten back by some of the challenges you’ll encounter when trying, […]