Comparing Directive Scope Options in AngularJS

When defining directives in AngularJS, there are three different ways to pass in variables: no scope, inherited scope, or isolated scope. Whether or not you’re using the “controller as” syntax (and I hope you are), you still have to decide which one to use. In this post, I’ll explain the differences and suggest why you might—or might not—want to […]

Many Directives, One Controller in Angular

Recently, I was implementing a feature that could toggle between related data in a minimized, detail, and list view.  It looked something like this: Simplifying the Process Going into implementation, I knew I wanted to use directives (which is what AngularJS v1 calls components). Components are the best way to group views and logic in front-end applications, […]

Optimize Web App Performance through Drawing

Recently, we needed to take an in-depth look at the performance of a complex web application. We wondered: What calls were being made when? How could we improve them? What impact would changing our API have on our application overall? And what would be the best way to get our heads around all of this? For a complex […]

How to Fight Unconscious Bias & Become a Better Ally

Are you supportive of underrepresented groups (like women and minorities) in technology? Yes (I hope). But, ask yourself this: Do you support individual members of underrepresented groups in technology? Maybe not. It’s important to recognize that being supportive is different than showing support. One reason why is Unconscious Bias.