Four Ways to Develop Your Soft Skills Through Meetings

Meetings provide an opportunity to flex your communication skills. But when you actively engage in the meeting process, you also open yourself up to develop your soft skills. There are a host of soft skills that can be leveraged in the workplace—like adaptability, creativity, positivity, and teamwork. Here are four ways that I’ve developed my […]

Using attributedText to Create a Single UILabel with Multiple Styles

Sometimes, a design requires a label to have multiple separate styles, while the code would be easier with one label or string. In this case, it’s useful to know about attributedText on UILabels. This approach lets you style strings without changing the style on the label directly. Below is a step-by-step guide for how to […]

Three Keys to Success with Remote Pair Programming

By now, most people understand the benefit of pair programming. Sharing knowledge (and pain) provides a lot of advantages for both junior and senior developers alike. I really enjoy pair programming, not only for the learning, but for the social aspect as well. It gives me a chance to get to know my co-workers better: […]