Derisking vs. Unrisking Stories – Are You Trying to Pre-solve Development Problems?

As a Tech Lead or Project Manager using Agile, one of your most crucial practices is cultivating an organized and detailed backlog of stories. That should include what I call derisking: breaking down multifaceted problems into actionable work, outlining the technical hurdles of each story, and providing guidance on how to tackle them. Of course, […]

App Deployment with Kubernetes, Part 3 – Deploying Your App

On the verge of creating your first Kubernetes deployment? Maybe you’ve created a Dockerfile for your applications, provisioned resources for Kubernetes, or even started up your first single pod application. To get the real benefit of Kubernetes, you need to bring these parts together and deploy your app. Kubernetes deployments allow for smooth scaling, updating, […]

App Deployment with Kubernetes, Part 2 – Preparing Your App

Most provisioning and configurations for web services happen in their respective cloud interfaces. This means web app developers must learn several different systems, and it’s more difficult to create consistent deployments. Fortunately, using a Command Line Interface and tools like Docker can make this process more consistent and familiar. This post is part of a […]

App Deployment with Kubernetes, Part 1 – Configuring Google Cloud Platform

Have you embarked on a journey to create reliable app deployments and found that getting started is overwhelming? The first hurdle is choosing and configuring your cloud resources. With a plethora of options to pick from, finding the right configuration can be complex and confusing. I’d strongly suggest using Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) […]