Are Dynamic Items Missing from Your Design Mockups?

On most of our software projects, design time is constrained. The design investment is front loaded to help understand users, set a broad direction, target features, and establish branding. As a consequence, we don’t usually have every possible detail figured out beforehand. Unfortunately, that means important things can get left off of mockups from time […]

Five Things To Do on a New Project Before You Have Any Development Work

On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself assigned to a project before clearly-defined development tasks were ready. Despite that, I’ve discovered several worthwhile things I can make progress on. 1. Basic Project Skeleton Even when my workflows are all ambiguous, I often have a good idea of what my tech stack will be. The […]

Software Rot, Part 2 – What Maintenance Looks Like

Software applications (like homes, cars, and nearly everything else) need maintenance. Even when the software itself doesn’t change, the systems/devices it runs on and the larger software environment are always moving forward. This is called Software Rot. Most software maintenance falls into one of these categories: Updating Dependencies – Upating the frameworks, libraries, etc. that […]