Atomic Grand Rapids Welcomes its 2018 Accelerator Cohort

Three new makers have joined Atomic’s Grand Rapids office as part of the Atomic Accelerator—a professional development program for newly-graduated developers. I asked each to tell me a little about themselves and to share their first impressions of Atomic Object and the Accelerator program.

Joe Bustamante

Joe recently graduated from Hope College with a double major in computer science and English literature. He’s currently working with a team on a project for the Masterpiece Flower Company. Read Joe’s bio.

I think my favorite thing about Atomic is how dedicated everyone is to learning. All the people here are passionate about continuing to grow and develop, not just in the technical skills for the job, but also in a more holistic manner, as consultants and as people. I also love how strong the sense of community is here. Everyone at Atomic has been so kind and welcoming, and it’s made it easy to start getting more involved in the office and to establish some great friendships.

Bekah Cheek

Bekah just graduated with honors from Grand Valley State University with a B.S. in computer science and minors in mathematics and music. She’s working on a web project for Covenant Retirement Communities. Read Bekah’s bio.

I’ve been really amazed at how diverse people’s interests are outside of work. While people are very passionate about learning and technology, I’ve found they’re also passionate about biking, world travel, pickup sports, circus acrobatics, and more! I’ve also loved how willing everybody is to jump in and help out. I’m on a team of two, and my teammate has been out on vacation here and there since I started. Almost every time he’s been gone, somebody has walked by my desk, asked what I’m working on for the day, and offered to give me pointers or answer questions if I got stuck. Everybody makes sure I know that helping me out isn’t an inconvenience, and I’ve loved that mentality.

Meredith Lind

Meredith recently earned a degree in computer science from Hope College. She’s on the Atomic team completing a project for the U.S. Pharmacopeia. Read Meredith’s bio.

I have been pleasantly surprised to learn how committed the company and people are to inclusivity, diversity, and forming meaningful relationships with other Atoms. It makes me excited to be a part of the Atomic family. Not only is everyone good at what they do, but they are welcoming, humble, and ready to share their knowledge. Everyone brings their unique experiences and backgrounds to the team, and those differences make us strong.

The Atomic Accelerator is an accelerated professional development program for newly-graduated developers who join Atomic Object each spring. Learn more here.