Technology and Computer Science Resources for Kids in West Michigan

Photo Credit: The Midwest Tech Project


Earlier this month, I represented Atomic Object as part of a panel at The Second Annual Power Up Technology Fair put on by The Midwest Tech Project and held at Baxter Community Center. There, I spoke with parents who had variations of the same question: How can I expose my son or daughter to the opportunities afforded by a career in technology?
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The Regional Economic Impact of Technology Jobs

This year, Atomic is proud join the group of investors that help fuel The Right Place, a regional non-profit economic development organization that has been serving West Michigan since 1985.

I’m very excited that The Right Place has recognized the technology sector an important part of West Michigan’s economic future by including Technology and Communications in their 2014-2016 strategic plan.

This morning (Jun 12, 2014) I’m talking about the importance of technology jobs at The Right Place Investors Breakfast. I’ve always had opinions and anecdotes to share, but the information I found in preparation for my talk really drove home the regional importance of attracting and retaining the best technology talent. Read more on The Regional Economic Impact of Technology Jobs…

Developing Winning Apps at Wayne State

Detroit is on its way up, and one of the forces driving it is a surge in technology entrepreneurship. Wayne State University, in Detroit’s urban Midtown neighborhood, is working to create better entrepreneurs by connecting students and businesses — giving students a better real-world education and helping companies find and foster great, local talent.

One way Wayne state is accomplishing this is events like last month’s Mobile App Matchmaking. I was excited to attend, since Atomic Object has a close relationship with Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, and we want to build a similar relationship with Wayne State. Read more on Developing Winning Apps at Wayne State…

Three Cheers to the 2014 Local First Award Winners

Local First hosts its Local Motion awards at its annual meeting each January. These awards honor successful, sustainable local entrepreneurs and businesses in West Michigan.

Atomic Object has sponsored this event for the last three years, and we were the proud recipient of Local First’s Change Agent award in 2011.

Atoms Mary O’Neill and Terri Vruggink at the Local First Awards.
(Photo Credit – James Richard Fry –

The 2014 Local First award winners are an incredible group of entrepreneurs and agents of change within our community. They define sustainable local business. Thanks to Local First for sharing their descriptions of the awards and the award winners: Read more on Three Cheers to the 2014 Local First Award Winners…

Hour of Code – Because Development Isn’t Just for Nerds Anymore

I was a sophomore in college before I learned how computer code works and got my first taste of HTML. By then I’d already chosen a career, formed a lot of misconceptions about what software makers do, and been told by a well-meaning developer cousin that developers were a strange lot (true) and I wouldn’t enjoy hanging out with them all day (definitely not true).

Unfortunately, this kind of ignorance and misconception about software development is very common. High school students are expected to solve algebra equations and read plays in 400-year-old archaic English, but they aren’t even taught to the basics of computer language. Why is this a problem? Because there’s a growing demand for software makers, and the world is full of kids who would love working in software — if only they knew it was a possibility.

That’s why Atomic was really excited when we heard about the Hour of Code, a campaign to introduce 15 million students to computer programming during Computer Science Education Week, December 9-15, 2013. Hour of Code included videos, activities, and tutorials that students can do online or without a computer. Read more on Hour of Code – Because Development Isn’t Just for Nerds Anymore…

Atomic Object ❤s Girl Develop It

Girl Develop It (GDI) is a not-for-profit organization with chapters around the world, dedicated to providing affordable and accessible instruction and mentorship to women interested in software development.

For the past 9 months, Atomic Object has been a proud sponsor of the Detroit chapter of GDI, providing space, equipment, and food for classes and workshops. We are thrilled to have hosted 13 (and counting) events, covering topics like HTML and CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, PHP and MySQL, and Git.

Bringing GDI to Detroit

GDI Detroit was founded and is organized by Erika Carlson, now a software developer at Detroit Labs, and Michelle Srbinovich, Digital Director and current interim co-general manager at WDET radio.

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My 3 Favorite Places to Bike in Downtown Detroit

I’ve frequently spent time at Atomic’s Detroit office this summer, and I’m excited by downtown Detroit’s cycling opportunities. So far, my 3 favorite places to ride in downtown Detroit are:

1. The RiverWalk

I’ve been rinding the RiverWalk between 6am-7:30am. During that time period the RiverWalk has light traffic and the early-morning crowd is usually cheerful and friendly. The RiverWalk has been a great place for cruising, warming up, or easy spinning.

Cycling Detroit RiverWalk

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