Good Eats in Uptown Grand Rapids

Atomic Object in Grand Rapids has called Wealthy Street (one of the neighborhoods in Uptown) home since 2003. We’re team of 35+ people who often want (need?) coffee, lunch, or a place to relax with friends after work. We pick up food to-go, we share pair lunches together, and we host our customers at establishments in the neighborhood.

Previously Carl observed that in 2003 there were only three restaurants and one bar within a half mile radius of our office. In 2012 that number was up around 20 restaurants, bars, breweries, bakeries, coffee shops, delis etc.

As I walked to lunch one day recently, I got the sense that Uptown had again jumped up in the number of great places to eat and drink. Mine was not an exhaustive count, but in a 15 minute exercise, I was able to assemble a list of 50+ local businesses sharing a broad offering of food and drink within easy walking distance of AOHQ.

All these businesses are local. Many focus on authentic and local ingredients. They are creative and aim to satisfy a wide range of preferences and budgets. They offer us places to gather with friends and relax outdoors. They don’t just offer great food/drinks, they create jobs and add vibrance to our community.

Here’s a list of my current favorite spots:

…and here’s a few places that are tops on my list to try soon:


  • Aaron Cornelius says:

    You also need to try the Wealthy Street Station which is near Uncle Cheetah’s. If you like burgers they have the best.

    Other ones on the list should be Erb Thai and Brick Road PIzza, But I have a feeling you’ve tried those already considering your list. They may not be has unique as some of the places on the list but are still locally owned and very good.

  • Mary O'Neill Mary O'Neill says:

    Hi Aaron

    Thanks for the reminder about Wealthy Street Station. I haven’t been there lately. Erb Thai and Brick Road Pizza are a couple of my weekly favorites for lunch.

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