Quick Next.js + GraphQL Integration via API Routes

This is a quick guide to getting a lightweight GraphQL server via API route in a Next.js app. This is not a detailed tutorial of how to create a beautiful, semantic GraphQL and Next.js toolkit. Where we’re starting: A basic Next.js app with a Postgres database. Where we’re going: A request to an api/graphql endpoint […]

4 Types of APIs and When to Use Them

Most apps today draw a strong line between the server and the client. The client, maybe a single-page web application or a native mobile app, focuses on the user-facing features, while the server provides the data and a way to update it. Atomic has done a lot of projects this way, and we’ve found it’s […]

3 Benefits of Fake APIs

Developing an application and an API in parallel can be quite the tricky task. Often times, it can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication between developers. This can cause a project’s progress to come to a screeching halt. The longer the misconceptions go unnoticed, the bigger the damage may be. On recent projects, my team has […]

Framework Docs Are a First-Class Citizen

Documentation is a crucial part of any good API or framework. Despite this importance, it often gets neglected and treated as an afterthought. I recently asked another developer how he always managed to put together such well-thought-out and complete documentation. His response was: “Documentation Driven Design (DDD): if your API feels clunky to document, it’s […]