Avoid Careless Production Mistakes with Custom Scripts

In the wise words of @stahnma, “Everybody has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough to have a totally separate environment to run production in.” Thankfully, the project I’m working on has multiple environments: production (the most recently-released version), staging (for pre-release testing), dev (for dev team use and testing), and multiple review apps […]

How I Test CSS

At Atomic, we practice Test-Driven Development for all the code we can, from single functions to entire stacks. But there’s one kind of code we’ve long neglected testing: CSS. We rarely have coverage of it, and we often discover bugs and style regressions long after they were introduced. We’re not alone. Most software developers don’t […]

What “Semantic” Markup Really Means

I’ve found that trying to write semantic markup has helped me write cleaner HTML. It’s been a useful guideline, but it hasn’t been perfect, and I’ve sometimes struggled with how to model things well. Recently at the March SoftwareGR event, I heard Jonathan Snook relay an example that I found very insightful.