A Strategy for Teaching Programming – Logic First

Programming is all about the creative logical thinking flow, and very little about the syntax. However, a lot of teaching materials take the reverse approach and teach the syntax of variables and if statements without giving them meaning. In my experiences with teaching robotics students and adults learning programming, it’s much better to start with […]

What the Industry Wants: Preparing Design Students for Employment Success

It’s spring, which means that around the country, graduates are throwing their mortarboards in the air and pounding the pavement for work. Those of us who are hiring or recruiting (like myself) will see a deluge of fresh resumes flooding our inboxes and we’ll cross our fingers that maybe, just maybe, we’ll find a promising […]

Elevating Digital Design with Mentorship & Guided Training

Does design have a seat at the table? Academic professions such as law, medicine, business, and education have formal levels of training that are usually equated with an individual’s level of certification. These milestones are usually required to move forward in that career. For the profession of digital design, this is less so. The fields […]