Decomposing a Large-scale Design Project

My current project is very large, and we’ve been working on a process for decomposing features so that everything we design delivers value. This method also integrates tightly into Atomic’s agile software development practices, allowing both designers and developers to work on the same set of features simultaneously within continuous delivery cycles. Project Background During […]

Moving Beyond Story Points, Iterations, and Burn Charts

If your team is not focused on delivering intermediate project milestones, they are missing what’s really of value. It’s easy to miss the forest for the trees if you’re only focusing on task-level points estimates and velocity tracking. I’ve become frustrated with how burn charts focus on showing progress through an entire backlog and don’t […]

Breaking Down Epic Stories

A couple of years ago I wrote about how I was using Epic stories for early project estimations. Recently John Rusk posted a question in the comments: I have a question about this: “We make no attempt to restrict that the total number of points from the resulting stories adds up to the previous estimate […]