Three Values that Matter to Me in a Work Environment

Article summary

Working Together

I’ve been working at Atomic for just over three years. In that time, I’ve learned a lot about designing great custom software. But I’ve also learned about working with people.

I work with some good, caring people. Atomic’s 5 value mantras pave the way for a work environment in which people are able to make great software in a sustainable and suitable way. But I wanted to point out some of the “intangibles” that come with working in a great environment.

The values that matter to me, or anyone, in a work environment aren’t always easy to identify. But they’re important. They make up the stuff that keep us doing our jobs well. They give us a foundation. These values matter. These values are human.


Company Dinner
At Atomic, we’re kind of like a big family — as “family-like” as it gets at work. We spend lots of time together. We share a space. We laugh. We celebrate and eat meals together. We look out for each other when someone needs help with a tough problem. We support and help others get things done.

It’s not always perfect, as family life can be sometimes. But some days it’s just good to know others will step in and help in a time of need.

To be family is human.


We all work in a big room with no walls. Everyone shares desks, screens, books, ideas, jokes, and sometimes the same keyboard to design or code. We literally rub shoulders with each other. We solve problems with and for our clients — together.

Working together makes hard problems easier. It makes solutions better. It makes us stronger.

Making things together is human.


Respect is the foundation for everything else. A little bit goes a long way. Working in an environment where respect is the standard makes it so much easier to just be yourself.

Respect sets the tone for all the interactions we have. No matter what experience, skills, or role we have in a project, we respect each other’s opinions and contribution, and we expect the same from everyone else.

Additionally, I know that if I have a problem with something I’m working on, I can get help. I don’t worry about being dissed or turned away.

With a strong premise for respect, there’s no place for sarcasm. This makes it much easier to build trust. Trust is the oil that keeps teams going.

Respect is human.

I’ve come to realize these are the values I appreciate and desire in a workplace no matter where I am. What values matter to you?