Refreshing Team Provisioning Profiles in Xcode 5

Last week I updated my laptop to Mavericks and Xcode 5. I had been waiting to do it pending resolution of a bug in pre-release versions of Xcode that was causing massive layout problems in my app. The fix finally came in the Xcode 5.0.1 release, so I installed it and provisioned a new iPad Air for development. But before I could build and install my app for this device, I had to add it to my team provisioning profile, which is “Managed by Xcode”. That process is a little different in this version, so I thought others might benefit from a simple guide.

First I plugged in my new iPad and opened Xcode Organizer. The first step is to select the new device in Organizer and then select the Use For Development button:

Click Use for Development.

Once you’ve selected an organization, you can select Add to Member Center:

Add to Member Center

Here’s the part that’s tricky in Xcode 5, especially if you’re used to using the “Refresh” button provided in Xcode 4. In order to add this device to an Xcode-managed team provisioning profile, you’ll need to go to Preferences→Accounts in Xcode, and select your Apple ID from your team profile, then select View Details:

View Details

Then click on the tiny little refresh button in the lower-left corner:

Refresh Button

Finally, you can load up the iOS Developer Center in a browser and download the new provisioning profile with this new device added.

I don’t understand Apple’s reason to flip-flop, adding and then removing the Refresh button in the Organizer, but hopefully I’ve saved you a little bit of time pointing out the new process.


  • Marc M. says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for making this post. I was totally stuck on this and would not have found it if not for your blog.

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