Atomic Welcomes 2019 Grand Rapids Accelerator Cohort

Three new makers have joined Atomic’s Grand Rapids office as part of the Atomic Accelerator—a professional development program for newly-graduated developers. I asked each to tell me a little about themselves and to share their first impressions of Atomic Object.

Grace Du Mez

Grace recently graduated from Hope College with a double major in Computer Science and Religion. She’s currently working on a project for Fremont Insurance. Read Grace’s bio.

My favorite thing about Atomic so far is the intentional way that our values are woven into everything that we do. Each Atom uniquely embodies our core ethics, and this makes Atomic so dynamic. I’ve also been surprised by the tight-knit culture of the office. Lots of Atoms spend time together outside of work, and there are constantly new things to get involved in.

Nick Keuning

Nick holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Michigan. Since joining Atomic, he’s been working on a project for EduStaff. Read Nick’s bio.

I’m surprised at how little “new guy” treatment there has been here. Atomic has really hit the mark bringing new people in and making them feel fully a part of the team right away.

Kasey Stowell

Kasey earned a degree in Computer Science from Grand Valley State University. Since joining Atomic, she’s been working on a project for Masterpiece Flower Company. Read Kasey’s bio.

What surprised me the most about Atomic is how everyone is one big, enthusiastic team. Even if Atomic is split up into smaller groups working with a variety of different clients, we are all in it together. This sense of community helps lower the barrier when it comes to asking for help and getting to know people that I otherwise wouldn’t normally see during my day to day.

The Atomic Accelerator is an accelerated professional development program for newly-graduated developers who join Atomic Object each spring. Learn more here.