Now Hiring: 2020 Developer Grads for the Atomic Accelerator in Ann Arbor

I’m very excited to announce that recruiting is in full swing for our third Accelerator cohort in Ann Arbor (Cell Gamma).

What’s the Accelerator? A truly bespoke mentorship program designed to shepherd new developers through the first couple of years of their career. We’re aiming to provide a professional development experience that our new hires couldn’t find anywhere else, something far more valuable than ping-pong tables and private buses to campus.

We reached an exciting milestone when our first cohort, Cell Alpha, graduated earlier this summer. With the success we’ve seen both here and in Grand Rapids, the future of the program is bright.

What Do You Want Out of a Career?

After graduating from college, I had numerous decisions and growth opportunities that I navigated the best that I could. But looking back, I wish I’d had a guide. Sure, I had people that I viewed as mentors, but no one who was intentional about helping me find my way in a software development career.

I don’t think my story is particularly unique, as our industry is not known for long-term thinking and empathetic talent development. I wonder now what it might have been like to have someone who’d experienced the same path of growth, could help me understand what I wanted from a career, and was willing to show me how to get there. Someone like myself, ten years in the future.

This is one of the great promises of the Atomic Accelerator. As we mentor and prepare the next leaders of Atomic Object, we’re also creating a blueprint for future Accelerator cohorts and ensuring that those cohorts will have mentors who themselves went through the program.

As we begin our search for the members of Cell Gamma, we’re not just looking for people who are passionate about software development (although that doesn’t hurt). We’re looking for people who recognize that their career journey is best not taken in solitude, and who crave the opportunity to be a guide for the next generation.

Ready to Apply?

If you’re thrilled at the prospect of joining Cell Gamma in Ann Arbor, please send us a resume and cover letter. We’ll be accepting applications now through late October, with interviews following in November. The sooner you apply, the better, since we’ll be looking to meet potential candidates face-to-face at recruiting events at colleges around Southeast Michigan.

Even better, folks can apply to take part in our Atomic Games event, scheduled for October 25th-28th. Challenge yourself in a programming competition where we’ll provide great food, cash prizes, and an opportunity to begin the interview process with us in our downtown Ann Arbor office.

Of course, if you know someone who’d be a good fit for the program, please encourage them to apply!