Atomic’s Grand Rapids Office Is Hiring Our Fifth Accelerator Cohort

Article summary

This fall, Atomic’s Grand Rapids office will be recruiting our fifth Accelerator cohort. Our Accelerator program is a unique leadership development program designed for folks beginning their careers in software development. It’s a full-time job, complemented with extra resources and mentorship to help folks get off to a great start. If you know someone who’d be a good fit for the program, please encourage them to apply!

Why Join?

The transition from student life to a professional career can be a tough one. Expectations are often unclear. There are far more opportunities to consider and choices to make. It’s difficult to gauge if you have the right goals, and if you’re working hard and smart enough to meet them. You’re suddenly expected to work as a team player, with a group that likely has a much broader range of backgrounds than you’re used to. You may feel that you have multiple folks presenting expectations for you, and it might be hard to know how to prioritize those expectations or resolve conflicts between them.

Our Accelerator program is designed to help people navigate this transition more quickly and effectively through dedicated mentorship, selected reading, group discussion, and regular feedback. We’re aiming to help participants discover what they enjoy most, and build skills while bringing strengths to their teams.

Atomic has years of experience learning how to do this well. More than half of our Grand Rapids development team has participated in the Accelerator program, and everyone who’s joined the program has chosen to stay with the company. Accelerator participants are running product teams, often within their first two years at Atomic. We’re constantly experimenting to improve the experience for participants and to help folks get more out of the program.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter. We’re accepting resumes now through late October, and we’ll schedule interviews in November.

Alternatively, folks can apply to take part in our Atomic Games event, scheduled for October 26th. This is a really fun way to interview with Atomic, there’s great food, and participants can win some nice cash prizes!

If you’re attending a college in West Michigan, there’s an excellent chance that we’ll be at your career fair and that we’ll be visiting your campus to give a talk or a workshop. I’d encourage folks to reach out to me directly so you can come tour our office and get a chance to learn more about our work, our teams, and our company culture.