Atomic Welcomes Kelly & Mary to Operations Team

Article summary

In addition to the 50-or-so designers, developers, and delivery leads who make software products for our clients, Atomic has another 10 employees who keep things running behind the scenes.

Two new Atoms joined the operations team this spring: Kelly Daniels in Ann Arbor and Mary DeYoung in Grand Rapids. I asked them to tell me a little about themselves and to share their favorite things about Atomic Object so far.

Kelly Daniels

Kelly is the new office coordinator in Atomic’s Ann Arbor office. She handles event planning, facility management, and all the details that make the office a great place to work.

Kelly has a master’s degree in French horn performance and spent several years studying and working with European orchestras such as the Oslo Philharmonic and Norwegian National Opera. Before joining Atomic, she worked at the front desk of the Humane Society of Huron Valley (Ann Arbor). Read Kelly’s bio to learn more.

<p>The wide variety of backgrounds that people bring to Atomic has surprised me! It seems that everyone has something interesting that they&#8217;ve done or still do, from horses to cycling across the US to living halfway across the world. Although some people are &#8220;straight CS,&#8221; they&#8217;ve always got something interesting they&#8217;ve done or care about. </p>

Mary DeYoung

Mary is the new special project coordinator in Atomic’s Grand Rapids office, and she also serves as Carl’s executive assistant. She holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan.

Prior to joining Atomic, Mary worked at Wedgwood’s Manasseh Project and then at HQ, a drop-in center for runaway and homeless youth. Read Mary’s bio for more.

<p>There are lots of fun surprises going from the nonprofit world to the for-profit, but one of the things that I hoped for and was happily surprised to see at Atomic was the intentionality of the staff. Atoms are not only intentional with getting to know their coworkers, but about getting to know each other&#8217;s families. They also seek out new ways to get involved in the community and put their skills and passions to use in meeting needs of the larger GR community.</p>